TouTiao AI Lab
Founded in March 2012, Beijing Bytedance’s mission is to seamlessly connect people with information. Its flagship product, Toutiao, is employing AI technologies to deliver personalized news and information to hundred-million users. More than 440 thousands of self-publishers are creating content in a variety of genres, such as news, short stories, edited pictures, videos, etc.
TouTiao AI Lab
Toutiao AI Lab’s mission is to conduct cutting-edge research on artificial intelligence and to transfer the latest technologies to our products for better serving hundreds of millions of users. We aim at pushing the boundary of human knowledge of machine intelligence.
Our Goals
• Creating intelligent machines that understand information in depth(text, images, videos, comments, etc.) to better serve our users with what they like • Developing large scale machine learning algorithms for personalized information recommendation
LI Lei
Research Scientist and Director of Toutiao AI Lab
Former Principal Research Scientist at Institute of Deep Learning, Baidu Research USA
Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University
YANG Zhenyuan
VP of Engineering, Bytedance
Former Director of Search Technology at Baidu
CAO Huanhuan
Principal Architect, Bytedance
Ph.D. University of Science and Technology China
MA Weiying
Vice President,Bytedance Director of AI lab
Former Assistant Managing Director at Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA)
Wang Changhu
Technical Director of Toutiao AI Lab.
Former Lead researcher at Microsoft Research Asia(MSRA)
Toutiao AI Lab at Beijing invites applicants for AI researchers and software engineers at all levels, as well as visiting scholars and interns.